Our History
Goradia Special Steels Ltd. was established in 1996, when our visionary founder Shri Himmatlal Goradia aspired to provide quality steel to support the country's rapid industrial growth. Over the years, Mr. Goradia and his sons have transformed the company into a comprehensive specialty steel producer with provisions for steel melting, forging, treatment, machining, testing and delivery. Today, our leadership keeps striving for corporate and technological growth to give our 500+ clients the best service.
Philosophy and Principles
Our company's essential character revolves around transparency, integrity and mutual growth. We have well defined Codes of Conduct for our employees and directors. We make prompt, complete and accurate disclosures under the applicable laws about our financials and other material information for our stakeholders.
We have a Quality Policy and an HSE Policy which are rigidly implemented to drive our organization towards exceptional service for our customers. We also wish to grow with our employees and encourage them to participate in our goals in order to realize their full potential. Our mission and principles are based on a commitment to social, environmental and economic advancement.
Our success is linked with the growth of our employees, satisfaction of our customers, and development of the community. Our leadership aims to operate and grow this organization with these principles at the core:
Provide premier product quality, competitive prices, and swift delivery to all our clients.
Conduct our operations in accordance with well defined procedures, safety regulations and quality management systems.
Responsibly fulfill all contractual obligations with our employees, suppliers and vendors.
Actively foster innovation, teamwork and skill development in our employees.
Actively implement environmentally friendly policies, and maintain zero solid and liquid waste discharge.
Strive to continuously increase the value of our organization with the available resources and infrastructure.

Code of Conduct
Quality Policy
HSE Policy
Our Mission
Serve our customers with complete responsibility through commitment, quality and active communication.
Enhance the value of our steel through continuous technological improvement, innovation skills, and employee participation.
Enhance skill sets and raise capabilities of all our employees, especially focusing on empowering women in the local community.
To continuously strengthen our environment, safety and quality management standards, while maintaining well defined procedures for business practices.
Our Team
Mr. Pranay Goradia
Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Pranay Goradia holds over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and trading. He has worked in manufacturing sheet metal and machined parts for automobiles, steel ingots, steel billets, and open die forging components.
Mr. Sanjiv Goradia
Executive Director Mr. Sanjiv Goradia has over 35 years of experience in the industry. He has worked with trading and manufacturing flat and long steel products, steel ingots, steel billets, and open die forging components.
Dr. S.B. Sarkar
Technical Director Dr. Sarkar has a PhD in Ferrous Metallurgy from IIT Kharagpur, where he also has 20 years of teaching and research experience. He has conducted Post Doctorate Research at Imperial College London. He has a further 25 years of experience working in the steel and bearing industry.
Mr. P.V. Kulkarni
Chief Executive Officer Mr. Kulkarni has over 35 years of experience in Production and Quality. Before joining GSSL, he has held leadership roles at Mahindra Ugine & Steel Co., ISMT Ltd., and FACOR Ltd.
Mr. Deep Shah
General Manager of Marketing
Mr. Ramesh Banker
Head of Materials Management
Mr. P.N.K. Rao
Head of Forging & Heat Treatment
Mr. Ramesh Shigwan
Head of Accounting
Every member in our team strives to act in accordance with our mission statements and principles. In order to uphold our values of quality, safety and continuous improvement, our organization has active, goal-oriented Quality Complaints Resolution Team, Kaizen Committee, Safety Committee and Compliance Committee .