Steel Grades
Stainless Steel
Martensitic 400 Series:
SS410|1.4006 SS420|1.4021 SS416|1.4005 SS430|1.4016 SS431|1.4057 1.4034|X46Cr13 F6NM|1.41313 F91|1.4903 9CrMo1 13Cr
Austenitic 300 Series:
SS304L|1.4301/1.4307 SS316L|1.4404 SS316Ti|1.4571 SS321|1.4541 SS347|1.4550
Duplex & Super Duplex:
F51/F60|1.4462 F53|1.4410 F55|1.4501
Special Stainless Steel:
DIN1.4418 SS329|1.4460 UNS41425 UNS41426 UNS41427
Precipitating Hardening:
15-5PH|1.4545 17-4PH|1.4542
Tool/Die and Mould Steel
Hot Die Steel:
H10|1.2365 H11|1.2343 H13|1.2344 A2 S5 S7
Die Steel:
DB6|1.2714|L6 1.2329|L5
Cold Working Steel:
D2|1.2379 D3|1.2080 O1|1.2510 12CrMoV
Alloy Steel
Low Alloy Steel:
En19|1.7225 En353|1.6551 En354|1.1186 AISI4130|1.7218 AISI4140 AISI4145 AISI4150|1.7225 AISI4145H AISI4320 AISI8620 AISI8630 17CrNiMo6 18CrNiMo7-6 16MnCr5 42CrMo4 20MnCr5
High Alloy Steel:
En24|1.6566 E25|1.6743 En26|1.6745 En30B|1.6747 En36|1.6657 En36C AISI9310 AISI4820 AISI4330V 15CDV6
F Series:
F5|1.7362 F9|1.7386 F11|1.7386 F22|1.7380
Creep Resistance Steel:
X22CrMoV12-1 21CrMoV5-7 F91 F22
Carbon Steel
En8|1.1186 En9|1.0535 30C8 45C8 55C8 C40 C55 SAE1040 SAE1035 SAE1141 A105 LF2 CK45 CK60 S355J
Shapes and Sizes
Forged Products
Round Bars
Dia: 140mm - 600mm
Upto 600mm for further Forging/Ring Roling

Square Bars
150mm x 150mm to 450mm x 450mm

Flat Bars
Thickness: 130mm to 350mm
Width: 200mm to 700mm

Open Die Forging Step Shaft
Dia: 600mm Max
Weight: 7.2 tons per pc Max

Gear Blank, Ring, Tube
As per drawing in rough turned condition. Dimensions and Weight to be confirmed on request.

Rolled Products
Round Bars
Size Range: 20mm - 200mm DiaCCM & Ingot route

Billet Rolled: RCS 40mm - 100mm
Ingot Rolled: RCS 120mm, RCS 160mm

As Cast Billets
Size Range: 100mm, 120mm, 140mm, 160mm & 200mm RCS

Wire Rods
Size Range: 5.50mm - 20mm

Master Alloy Melts
Billet Size: 100mm & 120mm Square, 1mtr Length
Ingot Size: 115mm x 140mm x 1.2mtr
As Cast Ingots
Round, Square & Polygon
Size Range: 280mm x 357mm (1220Kg) to 960mm x 1200mm (14800Kg).
400mm Dia, 500mm Dia & 600mm Dia