We produce High Quality & Micro Clean Steel in various grades of Tool Steel, High Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel – Martensitic / Austenitic / Duplex / Super Duplex & precipitating hardening grades. We produce Billets & Ingots in our State of the Art Steel Melting Shop which is equipped with:-

  • Medium Frequency Electric Melting Furnace- 12 Metric Ton Capacity.
  • Laddle Refining Furnace- 15 Metric Ton Capacity
  • VD ( Vacuum Degassing) / VOD ( Vacuum Oxygen Decarburizer ).
  • Twin Stand Continuous Billet Casting Machine with Electro Magnetic Stirrer & Automated Secondary cooling system.


Goradia Special boasts of one of the most Modern Forging Shop in India. A fully Integrated Forging Press Line ; with 1000 Ton Press, 10.50 Ton Manipulator & 10.50 ton Swing Arm Turntable ; all synchronized & controlled from one Operator console. The Press Line is manufactured by Schloemann, Germany. The Equipment is recently Refurbished by upgrading the Pumps & Hydraulics, by Rexroth – Germany/ India. Siemens PLC control systems ensure precision dimensional controls.

  • Open Die Forging Press from Schloemann, Germany
  • 10 Metric Ton Rail Bound Manipulator
  • Reheating Furnace, Bogie Hearth- 3 nos of Size- 5mtr X 3mtr X 1.5mtr


Our PLC controlled heat treatment furnaces, Fully automated Manipulator for quick quenching, regularly thermally mapped furnaces, gives us precise control over temperature & cycles to achieve excellent Mechanical properties consistently. Our Heat Treatment Shops include the following:-

  • Oil fired soft annealing furnace of 30 mt capacity.
  • Electrically heated Hardening Furnaces x 12 ton capacity, 6 Mtr long.
  • Electrically heated Tempering Furnaces with Air Circulation fan x 12 ton capacity, 6 Mtr long.
  • Electrically heated Annealing Furnaces x 12 ton capacity, 6 Mtr long.
  • Oil & Water quenching tanks, with high capacity agitation, temperature measuring & recording systems for quenching medium.
  • Special heat treatment for Spherodised annealing and ISO thermal annealing.
  • Quenching & Tempering as per QT700, QT800, QT850, QT900 & QT950 H1150, H1100, H1075, H1025, 1150M, 1150D.


We have in-house finishing shop including Surface Grinders, Lathes, Plano Millers & Vertical Turret Lathes ( VTL) for rough machining of all forged bars before dispatch.


To test the special steels we produce, we have installed “State of art testing facilities”. We have a team of highly experienced and trained staff with unchallenged skill to carry out various testing of steels and materials. Our lab is equipped with following equipment ;