• Beginning our core manufacturing process ; Recycling of "Steel & Metals Scrap"
  • Recycling is our core Business Activity.
  • Goradia Steel ;The concept of Recycling”
  • The basic funda of @ GSSL is “Recycling”

We Recycle Scrap. We Recycle ( Retrieve ) Alloys from Scrap.

  • Steel scrap is collected from Engineering industries, Scrap Processing units, Scraped used equipment. Each lot of scrap is tested for its chemistry/Alloy content. Based on the alloy content, it is used for producing of steel.
  • 100 % of our production is through recycled scrap.


  • Almost 90% of alloy requirement is met through recycling.
  • Recycling 1 ton steel reduces mining of 1.5 ton of iron ore/ 2 tons of coal.
  • Precious metals-Nickel/Moly/Vanadium/Tungsten / Titanium; are judicious by recovered from scrap; thus meeting to our core Business Philosophy.


  • Waste management of solid consists of generation prevention,charactrerization,monitoring,treatment,handling,reuse and residual disposition. We are taking all the responsibility with help of few experts who are in charge for it. Our focus is to make the waste management responsibility for every employee. Importance of solid waste management is we should get the healthy and safe environment for our employees. Their health and safety is the main criteria on which our organization is focusing.
  • Our management demonstrating their commitment by giving training to the employees in waste management techniques, encouraging employee’s suggestions, providing resources for then 3 R’s Reduce,Reuse,Recycle.
  • Activities and measuring and monitoring the waste generation and waste recycling.
  • The ultimate goal of the management “zero solid waste” from the plant. For this we focusing on continuous improvements and following 3 R’s theory of solid waste management.
  • Each process is thoroughly studied.
  • Solid Waste Management during each process is studied and maximum efforts are waste or sell waste for further reuse. Following Table shows the waste generated in each process and its collection guidelines & reuse /Sell instructions
  • We have achieved “ZERO “solid waste.


  • Installed solar cooker which is used for cooking in our canteen; thereby saving LPG –reduction Co2 emission.
  • Installed efficient “Bio-Mass” Chula. Using dry wood/twinges/waste wood & burning it efficiently with minimum smoke Wood Gasifier - All waste packing wood received in all packed products and all waste from Garden is used.
  • Rain Water Harvesting;
  • Rain water from roofs of all buildings & workshop is collected & stored in tanks having storage capacity of almost 5 lac liters. Rain water is used for all processes for monsoon period (June to Nov)
  • Well Recharge;
  • Excess water is harvested through channels into well for recharging well & this helps increasing water table in our factory area. Water table is so high due to recharge; that we get water by digging just 10ft deep.
  • Bio waste composting; All bio waste from canteen, dried plants & leaves are collected in a composite pit where they are allow to compost. This is converted to manure. This manure is used gardening.
  • Organic Farming @ Goradia;


  • Compulsory Medical check up before joining.
  • Yearly Medical check up for all Employees.
  • ESIC cover for all workmen & Jr. staff.
  • Mediclaim facility for all senior staff and their dependents.
  • Good ventilated work place with fresh air to extent possible.
  • Reasonable working Temperature (Air conditioned/ Air Cooled offices)
  • Well illuminated (with LED) lights.
  • R. O purified drinking water.
  • Hygienic & Simple food in canteen.
  • Health/Medical check up of canteen staff every 6 months.
  • Well maintained toilets for personal hygiene.


  • Provide all necessary Personal Protection Gear (PPG)
  • Ensuring all workmen are allowed to work in shop floor ; only when having required PPG for the process.


  • by videos / PPT / short films.
  • Review / discuss accident / incident of last 10 years & discuss “CAPA” with team on regular basis. Providing Fire Fighting training to all employees
  • By videos /PPT/ short films
  • Review / discuss fire accident / incident of last 10 years &discuss “CAPA” with team.
  • Focus on avoiding accident by Properly maintained electrical installations and cables in cable tray.
  • De- marketed walk ways.
  • Indicatory lights on all moving equipment.
  • Regular instructions / training to handle liquid ladle .
  • Regular checking & replacement of wire ropes / lighting & tools & tables (avoiding breakage of handling accessories)
  • Issuing helmet, safety shoes, goggles to all visitors of plant.
  • Regular implementation of “ 5 S” on shop floor.
  • Improve housekeeping of shop floor
  • Ensuring No cotton waste / plastic waste are thrown on shop floor.
  • Ready to use – fire fighting equipment at all locations
  • Safety training - @ Induction for all workmen esp helpers.


Continuous training an important role in employee welfare. A well trained employee will be a happy satisfied employee. We provide continuous & repetitive training for;

  • Job/ works training by expert in field
  • Technical training by expert in field
  • Safety
  • Fire fighting
  • Leadership training by management experts.
  • Enhancing skill set
  • Company policy & implementation & training for complying corporate policies & government rules & retirement.
  • First Aid training
  • Meditation/ yoga
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Navratri Celebrations
  • Vishwakarma puja
  • Gudipadva Puja
  • Diwali party
  • Christmas party
  • Flag Hosting on Independence day & Republic day.
  • Picnic with staff & their family ; once a year.
  • Provide fair compensation, career development & growth opportunities by multi skilling & training.


The subject of empowerment of women has becoming a burning issue all over the world including India since last few decades. It is held that women now cannot be asked to wait any more for equality. The position and status of women all over the world has risen incredibly in the 20th century.

We in our organization treat women in equality with men. 30% of our total office staff is women. We have targeted to gradually increase women employment to 50% of total office staff .

We provide some special incentives / Benefits for women so that women can fulfill their family/ religious obligations alongside work.

Employment opportunities for local women.


Ladies Special Coach for convenient commuting pick & drop from door step.

Women staffs are specially allowed to leave early on local religious / culturally important days to attend to functions at their homes.

Regularly organizing traditional women centric programs for locally important religious / cultural festivals eg Garba/ Gudi Padwa puja etc.

Women Role Models: We feel pride that most of the managerial position in our organization is held by women employees. This proves that Goradia believes in equality between men and women. We train, promote and encourage our women employees to hold a core position in the organization. Below is the listed history.

1. Jubilee salvi
2. Alpa kariya

Women are 35% of staff strength . This speaks volumes of commitment of Goradia towards women empowerment. Equal opportunity to women : we provide canvas to grow.



1. Induction Furnace Slag Daily 1 Ton per heat Slag storage area
2. Induction Furnace Ramming mass Monthly 5 Ton per lining Slag storage area
3. AOD Slag Daily 1 Ton per heat Slag storage area
4. AOD Used Dolomite good bricks Half monthly Aprox 1 MT IN Shop Floor
5. AOD Used Dolomite bricks Half monthly 2 to 3 MT IN Shop Floor
6. LADLE Used ladle nozzle Daily 1.0 kg per heat DRUM
7. LADLE Used collector nozzle Daily 1.2 kg per heat DRUM
8. LADLE Used S.G Plate Daily 2 Kg per heat DRUM
9. LADLE Used Mag carbon (good bricks) Weekly Aprox 500 kg In Shop Floor Pit Site
10. LADLE Used Mag carbon (broken bricks) Weekly 1 to 2 MT In Shop Floor Pit Site
11. AOD - FES FES DUST Weekly 3 - 5 MT Under Bag House
12. PIT SIDE CASTING USED B.P. SET SLEEVE DAILY 40 to 90 kg per heat i.e. depend upon nos of plate. Collect & Store in separate box
13. PIT SIDE CASTING USED B.P. SET FUNNEL DAILY 8 to 16 kg per heat i.e depend upon nos of plate Collect & Store in separate box.
14. PIT SIDE CASTING USED B.P. SET FUNNEL DAILY 12 TO 100 kg per heat i.e. depend upon nos of moulds Collect & Store in separate box.
15. PIT SIDE CASTING USED B.P. SET FUNNEL DAILY 5 to 10 kg per heat i.e. depend upon nos of plate Collect & Store in separate box.


Pradhanmantri Jan-Dhan Yojana: It National Mission for Financial Inclusion to ensure access to financial services, namely Banking Savings & Deposit Accounts, Remittance ,Credit, Insurance.
Government Insurance Initiatives: Mandatory coverage of all employees covering them under following Government Insurance Schemes;

Atal Pension Yojana:
Company activity participants in pension between Rs 1,000 and Rs 5,000 a month

Pardhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana:

Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana
A pure protection term insurance cover which pays Rs 2 lakh to dependents in the event of the policyholder’s death.


Training all employees to use computer and various software like word/excel/PowerPoint. Experienced trainers work with Goradia for regards & repeated training.


  • Replaced all HPSV lights with LED lights to save electricity.
  • Installed transparent FRP sheets in our plant to save usage on electricity during day time.
  • Specially installed master switch at each doors of every cabin & work areas to turn off all lights/electrical installation, so that any officer leaving the cabin/work area can shut off all electrical devices by one switch.
  • Installed water Sprinkler on our office roof tops for cooling our office environment, to avoid the usage of Air Conditioner

E- Raktkosh

E-Raktkosh is an initiative to connect, digitize and streamline the work flow of blood banks across the nation.

We arrange blood donation camps once in a year to facilitate blood collection in association with local hospitals.