Environmental Initiatives
Zero Solid Waste Discharge
- We collect, process and segregate scrap to recycle it into steel or mould it into decor.
- 100% of our production is done with recycled scrap steel.
- Our slag is disposed and its by-products are recycled to make paver blocks, cement bricks and tiles, and MgCO3 powder.
- Our production process is specially designed to recycle precious metals such as nickel, vanadium, tungsten, niobium, consequently reducing mining.
Zero Liquid Waste Discharge
- Our production process is also designed to reduce water use and minimize liquid discharge.
- Almost 100% water used during production is collected and recycled. The only water depletion comes from evaporation loss.

Rain water harvesting system across roofs of all buildings collects 500000 litres of rain water. This partially replaces regular water supply during the monsoon season.

Solar cooker used in our canteen. The bio-waste from the canteen and plants is collected in a compost pit. Compost is used as fertilizer for in-house organic fruit and vegetable farm.

10000 saplings planted over multiple tree plantation drives at nearby villages by our team .
Community Initiatives
Women Empowerment at GSSL
We are strongly comitted towards strengthening women empowerment and equality in our community. We have taken many steps to achieve this. We provide employment opportunities across our workforce to local women, which now make up 45% of our office staff. We have a special transport coach for women to make their commute to and from work safe. We organize religious and cultural festivals traditionally celebrated by women such as Garba and Gudi Padwa. We are proud to have many inspiring female managers and executives in our workforce, some of who started with us as trainees.
- We organize an annual health-check up and provide Mediclaim for all employees.
- We organize annual blood donation camp and eye camp for all employees.
- We conduct regular office and equipment safety workshops.
- We organize multiple fire management and first aid training camps every year.
- We distribute textbooks and study material to local school students every year.
- We sponsor additional private coaching for aspiring high school students in the community.
Contribution to Government Initiatives
To contribute to the national mission of financial inclusion for all, all our employees were motivated to open a bank account and use digital transactions.
We provide fresh graduates from nearby villages training under a state apprenticeship program which makes them capable of working in an industrial environment.
We domestically develop exotic and import substitute steel for defence, nuclear or navy applications.
We collaborate with tutorial centers to provide software training for manufacturing software and Microsoft Office Suite to employees.
We Replaced HPSV with more efficient LED lighting throughout the company. Installed transparent roof shades in plant to reduce daytime electricity use.
All our employees our provided coverage under these government sponsored socially oriented insurance schemes.