About Us

Company Overview

We are one of the Speciality Steel Mill in Western India, having proximity to JNPT, India’s Biggest Container Port making us suitable for Export to all over world.

Goradia group has its own Steel Melting shop with State of art refining facility including AOD / LRF / VD and VOD. It has a fully Automatic Forge shop having a 1000 Ton integrated Press Line with 10.50 ton rail bound Manipulator.

It’s Heat treatment shop has Electrically heated Hardening & Tempering furnaces, with Air circulation fans which ensures uniformity of 2 degree Max throughout furnace. It’s Hydraulic driven Quenching Manipulator ensures quenching of Material in less than 60 seconds.

GSSL has Machining Facilities necessary to pre machine all bars it produces.

Having ALL processes under One Roof and Zero dependence on Vendors & outside agencies ; help Goradia to keep control on Quality & Delivery.

Goradia Special Steel Ltd has well defined Quality Management Systems necessary for producing high end specialty steels. Process Technologies adopted include Oxygen Free Melting ( No Oxide pick up) and melting in Neutral Lined Vessel ( No Silicate pick up) which ensures Micro Clean Steel for better product life to end customers.

Typical micro inclusions in Alloy & Tool Steels produced at GSSL measures cleanliness of ABCD 1 max in Thin & 0.50 max in Thick ; Generally totalling to 4 Max when tested as per ASTM E 45. This is virtually Inclusion Free Steel.

Along with well established infrastructure for Manufacturing, Goradia has State of Art Testing facilities & well trained staff manning these state of art machines.

Consistent Quality and On time Delivery make Goradia Special Steels Ltd. a trusted and dependable partner for Special & Exotic Steels.

Small & Convenient heat size of 12-15 tons; producing Exotic & Special Grades, range from Tool Steel to Super Duplex Stainless through Complete refining facilities including AOD, LRF & VD –VOD is Ultimate & unbeatable USP of GSSL.


The Ten Commandments

  • To Operate the organization on laid procedures and as per Quality Management system.
  • To Produce specialty steels and Enhance Stakeholder’s values through Continuous improvement, innovation, skills & development of employees.
  • To Look at possibilities to “add value “ improve contribution using available resource, men & machines
  • To Focus on recycling and reusing of all wastage generated in process.
  • To Ensure Zero solid discharge, Zero liquid discharge, Minimum Air emissions.
  • To Operate & grow our business ; meeting environmental & safety standards.
  • To Be the organization of choice & a great place to work .
  • To Enhance skill sets of all employees at all levels and raise the employee’s capabilities and provide growth to every employee. Continuous Skilling, Up Skilling, Re-Skilling & Multi Skilling to be the Mantra.
  • To Provide equal opportunity to women and ensure healthy working atmosphere to all women employees.
  • To Operate & grow business; meeting all legal & contractual obligations norms & best practice.



To be a World class Manufacturer of High Quality Stainless Steel ; Martensitic, Austenitic, Duplex, Super Duplex & Precipitating Grades, Tool & Die Steels, Alloy Steels Forged Bars for Engineering Applications ; including Defence, Nuclear & Aerospace.


Philosophy and Guiding Principles

The company’s philosophy on corporate government is based on fair transparent governance and disclosure practices. The Company’s essential character revolves around values based on transparency, integrity, ethics, professionalism and accountability.

The company makes prompt, complete and accurate disclosures under the applicable laws about its financial, shareholding and other material information for knowledge of its stakeholders.

The Company have well defined “Quality Policy “ & “ HSE Policy” and Company ensures implementation of defined policies –which drive our Organization / Management & Employees. This commitment to sustainability social, economic, and environmental rests upon a set of core values. They are an amalgamation of what we have been, what we are and what we want to be. These values and policies are the compass that guides our actions, both personal and corporate.

It is our intention to grow along with our employees and to aid and encourage employees to participate in our goal in order that they realize their full potential.

“Growth of our Employees and Satisfaction of our customers, is the measure of Success”


To be the Largest Exporter of Forged Bars in specialty grades like
Hot working steel DIN 1.2714,1.2343,1.2344
Cold working steel DIN 1.2379,1.2080
Stainless Steel in grades of 300& 400 series
Duplex & Super Duplex and Precipitating grades.